Essential advantages

Of the Projustitia Association membership at a glance:

Acquisition of new, significant clients

via the placement of clients by the ProJustitia Central Office and their network as well as from ProJustitia law firms as a result of your documented reputation as an association member as well as your presence at your location.

Personal contact

with other ProJustitia law firms at home and abroad.

Increased reputation and enhanced name recognition

through image-building measures such as the allocation of a professional marketing and PR concept.

Optimization of your own consulting qualities

through a continuous exchange of knowledge and experience within the network.

Consulting topicality

through regular advanced training and the ProJustitia newsletter.

Gaining of time

through outsourcing of tasks not belonging to the core business of your law firm and which can be handled more efficiently by the associations´ Central Office.

Further benefits

by participation in a powerful network leads to:

  • Enhancement of professional competency
  • Ressource-related extension of capacities
  • Increased potential for gaining clients
  • Raised revenues

Reduced costs

by using savings potentials such as economies of scale and synergy effects within the association.

Securing and building competitivenes

through a modern form of organization.

Sustaining autonomy

within the ProJustitia network and, at the same time, participating in the assertiveness and competency of a large-scale organization.

Special conditions and benefits

by potent cooperation partners like the Allianz Lawsuit Funding:

– ProJustitia law firms offer their clients a higher profit share in the lawsuit funding with the Allianz Lawsuit Funding: the financial participation of ProJustitia clients of profits up to 500,000 euros amount to 29% instead of 30%, and of additional profits 19% instead of 20%

– According to the financing agreement ProJustitia law firms receive from the Allianz Lawsuit Funding a 1.3 instead of 1.0 „ProFi-fee“ for their added expense.