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High demands on co-workers

ProJustitia sets new standards in the new market of law firm cooperation. It is our aim to attend to our clients in the best way possible due to our cooperation.

Apart from technical competence, our employees must have the following abilities:

  • quick comprehension
  • practical processing of tasks
  • PC proficiency (MS Windows, MS Office)
  • confident behavior towards members and clients
  • ability of integration, flexibility and good communication skills
  • entrepreneurial thinking

The current vacancies are to be found under „Jobs Central Office“ and „Jobs Law firms“.

If your desired field of work is still free, we look forward to your application.
Please send us your documents via mail or email to the address mentioned in the submenu Application information or fill out the Online-Form for applicants.

For further details call +49 621 / 833 23 – 800. We look forward to hearing from you.


Your creativity is our capital

Are you thinking of reorienting in a job because your current position does not offer any challenging tasks anymore and because you can never participate in making essential decisions? Do you need space for free evolvement of your ideas and visions and want to give your creativity more space?

If you have answered all of the above with a YES, apply at ProJustitia! We offer you a professional working environment in a productive team.

See working for ProJustitia as a challenge! We are a rapidly growing association of competent European lawyers. It is our goal to reach more in a team then we would as individuals. More detailed information about our goals is available under „Services“.

Details in an overview:

  • individual adjustment to new tasks
  • individual responsibility, project-oriented work

If you want to work as a motivated experienced specialist in a dynamic team, ProJustitia is the right choice.
The current vacancies are to be found under „Jobs Central Office“ and „Jobs Law firms“.

Alumni and Trainees


Theory is good. Theory plus practical experience is better.

Successful studies open new perspectives. In order to be able to use these perspectives, practical experience should not be neglected. Gain practical experience during your studies and win advantages for your future job entry!

Your Access

A good entry is the first step towards success.

When searching for one’s first job, only the best is usually good enough. ProJustitia wishes to try and fulfill your expectations. At ProJustitia, you have the best opportunities. You can start your career in the brand new market segment of European lawyer cooperation.

ProJustitia is constantly looking for qualified junior employees. We want to give interested students the opportunity to get to know ProJustitia closer through various apprenticeships, while there is a possibility of future employment contract.

Do you still study and would like to gain practical experience? Then you may also apply for apprenticeship at ProJustitia.

The current vacancies are to be found under „Jobs Central Office“ und „Jobs Law firms“.


Have you successfully attended a university and want to take a peek in the working environment before the definitive job entry? If yes, ProJustitia is the right choice. Our trainee-program offers you the opportunity to test your strengths in a job within a fixed period of time.

As you can see, ProJustitia is the correct choice. In our trainee-program, an individual initiative is what counts. That is not to say that you will be thrown back on your own powers. You may choose your field of interest relatively freely and you will get strong support from our colleagues. In the end of the program, you will know exactly what direction you want to take in your future job.

The Trainee-program in an overview

  • Field of activity can be chosen quite freely
  • representative overview of the company and its cooperation partners
  • opportunity of getting an insight in various projects
  • constant support from experienced colleagues


Internships at ProJustitia

Do you study business administration, law, humanities or computer sciences? Do you want to get an internship in order to get a better insight in practise? Then ProJustitia is the right choice! We offer motivated apprentinces an opportunity to gain practical experience – and more: we also offer an attractive reward!

Fields of activity during your apprentinceship may be:

  • Distribution and acquisition of new members
  • Marketing
  • Member support and law firm consulting
  • Law inquiries
  • Coordination of clients’ demands
  • Client support
  • Software development
  • IT administration

In addition to that, we offer

  • individual adjustment to new tasks
  • individual responsibility, project-oriented work

The service market for lawyers has, like any service sector, many various demands. Therefore, we also sometimes offer internships for other fields of study (e.g. Anglistics).
The current vacancies are to be found under „Jobs Central Office“ und „Jobs Law firms“.

Theses, Dissertations, Legal clerkships

Have you reached the end of your studies and need only a thesis or an internship? Are you looking for a practically oriented topic for your dissertation? Then come to ProJustitia. We gladly support you during the completion of your studies. You can also apply with a specific topic for your dissertation/thesis.

The current vacancies are to be found under „Jobs Central Office“ und „Jobs Law firms“.


To what extent do you support trainees, internships and dissertations?2017-01-27T15:58:37+01:00

You are relatively free to choose your field of tasks within these three fields. In the starting phase, you will get active support from one of our experienced employees. Even after you have successfully finished the starting phase a competent contact will be available for you.
Should you have furter questions concerning a job at ProJustitia, contact us via phone +49 621 / 83 323 – 800 or mail to

Are there any given starting dates?2017-01-27T15:57:40+01:00

Depending on agreement, your work at ProJustitia can start anytime.

What expectations do you have considering the grade point average and practical experience?2017-01-27T15:57:06+01:00

Generally, the decisive point is the impression we get from your application documents. As for grade point average and length of studies, we do have high expectations. Especially practical and international experience is very important for ProJustitia.

What is the general selection procedure?2017-01-27T15:56:36+01:00

You email us your application documents incl. personal data sheet, photo, reports and certificates to the email address stated below. After we have accepted your documents, you will recieve, if necessary, an invitation for an interview, where we would like to get to know you more closely.

Information for Applicants

Application at ProJustitia

If you wish to apply at ProJustitia and you think that you satisfy our professional and personal demands, send us your application documents to the email address below.

Your application documents should contain:

  • a cover letter
  • personal data sheet with a photo
  • copies of school reports (secondary school diploma, pre-degree, degree, state examinations, if necessary a temporary overview of the results)

Please share with us your experience and your knowledge of MS Windows/ MS Office and juridical programmes.

Please send your application via email to:

or per post to:

ProJustitia Ltd
Dept. Administration
Waldparkstr. 30
D-68163 Mannheim

or use our online form, which you will find down below.

Staff philosophy

Management by objectives

The Quality of our member service is directly conditioned by the qualification of our employees and their operational readiness.

In order to become competitive, our employees must be ready for figh personal, social and professional requirements. The most important attribute is obviously professional knowledge, which itself requires many other skills: juridical know-how, knowledge of client’s business, information technologies, methods and prodecures. This knowledge can be practised.

In order to satisfy individual achievement potential, we set specific aims with each of our colleagues. Thus, we do not only pursuit the aim to stick to cost plan and deadlines, but also to satisfy our clients, colleagues and ProJustitia. When we succeed, it is a success for all of the above!

  • We have high demands – on ourselves and on our members
  • Quality assurance does not stop on the boarders of competences – interdisciplinary contributions are an attribute of effective teamwork
  • Our colleagues are our capital – we promote them by regular trainings and evaluations
  • Partnership as a basis of successful business relationships is highly regarded
  • We stick to deadlines and cost projections
  • Our quality guidelines are binding
  • Preventing errors has a priority over error elimination
  • Continuous improvement of our service is a constant challenge for all colleagues
  • Detecting a quality risk that cannot be dealt with within one’s authority and capacity, one must instantly inform one‘s superior
  • Our quality depends also on our network members – supplier management and supplier choice are therefore the fundament of our services
  • Quality of our client support is directly dependant on the qualification of our colleagues (personal, social and professional) and their readiness to act
  • In order to satisfy individual achievement potential, we set specific aims with each of our colleagues
  • Aim oriented information increase the effectiveness of our work
  • Acknowledgement of adduced services is not only a managerial task
  • When evaluating the performance of our colleagues, quality of work is particularly important
  • Only the team can handle complex tasks
  • The team is the sum of individual abilities
  • In a team, we work interdisciplinary in order to structure our service as customer-friendly as possible
  • The basis of successful group work is team orientation with lingering personal responsibility
  • Teamwork stimulates, gives input, lifts the quality of a working system by social interaction and promotes staff contentment
  • The team gives feedback – acknowledgement as well as constructive criticism are welcome
  • Quality of our services is result of the work of all colleagues
  • Each colleague within a team makes a contribution to achieve our goals
  • The colleagues’ support is an obvious component of task accomplishment
  • Achieving our quality goals is an important leadership task
  • ProJustitia is a progressive provider of holistic solutions for lawyers and clients
  • Flat company hierarchy and a short decision making process define our organization
  • We dispose of longtime know-how
  • We invest in the future as an intense apprenticeship company
  • We aim for market leadership in Europe
  • We offer our members a comprehensive full-service
  • Our individual software-solution OM/R (Office Management / Module Relationship) is being developed and improved since several years
  • Our service spectrum also comprises office consulting as well as specific law inquiries
  • We dispose of an extensive contact pool
  • The ProJustitia management chairs the Federal Association of German Consultants BDC e.V.

Jobs in the PJ Central Office

Jobs at ProJustitia

Your previous occupation seemed monotonous with recurring tasks? You want to reorientate? Then why not try ProJustitia.

The company ProJustitia sets new standards on the new lawyer-cooperation market. It is our goal to support our clients as well as possible due to our cooperation partners.

In addition to professional demands, our colleagues must also have the following skills:

  • keen perception
  • practical dealing with tasks
  • secure handling of a PC (MS Windows, MS Office)
  • confident manners towards members and clients
  • ability to integrate, flexibility, good communication skills
  • enterpreneurial thinking

The ProJustitia Central Office currently offers vacancies in the following fields:

  • Trainee
  • Graduand
  • Promovend
  • Articled clerk
  • Sales Manager (We are looking for a skilled Sales Manager on commission for the field Partnering. The target group includes law firms, large societies and sosolicitor’s offices.)
  • Key Accounter (We are looking for a skilled Key Accounter on commission for the field Partnering. The target group includes law firms, large societies and sosolicitor’s offices.


Jobs Law Firms

Jobs at our locations

ProJustitia Law firms currently offers vacancies in the following fields:

There are currently no vacancies.

Application form:

Here you are given the opportunity to introduce yourself. We would like to get an impression of you, in order to see whether you are the person we are looking for.

Please fill in the following fields carefully. By sending this form, you agree to share your data with ProJustitia, who will keep them temporarily. All data will be treated confidentially.

Should you have further questions concerning a job at ProJustitia, contact us via phone +49 621 / 83 323 – 800 or mail to

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    2. Education

    School leaving certificate:
    higher education entrance qualificationadvanced technical college entrance qualificationsecondary school ceritifcate

    3. Military-, community- or alternative service

    Fulfilled service:
    military servicecommunity servicealternative service

    4. Trained job

    5. Studies

    6. Apprenticeship
    Please specify time, duration, employer and form of each apprenticeship.

    7. Other abilities/skills

    8. Foreign languages

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