International Legal Excellence

ProJustitia – We are an internationally and interdisciplinary oriented law firm network, aiming to be a competent legal counselling partner in times of globalization.

Change of the economic parameters

Harmonization, liberalization and globalization of markets lead to significant changes which concern all participants in business processes. Foreign activities and business partners are becoming increasingly important. Main focus now lies on growing business connections as well as legal relationships between Western and Eastern Europe. In order to use these new opportunities, it is essential not only to cope with various legal and fiscal systems, but also to overcome language and culture barriers.

Law firms in a bond are stronger

Moreover, these trends require a holistic counseling approach integrating other counseling disciplines such as tax consultancy, auditing and management consultancy.

Such clients’ demands call for centralization and coordination of appropriate services as a means of support of legal services. All this can no longer be offered by a single law firm – but can be managed well by an internationally oriented law firm network such as the ProJustitia association.

Implication of these challenges

Growing international integration and the increasingly complex and detailed legal norms require higher degree of specialization in fields of economic law and their foreign pendants as well as in supranational legal systems such as law of the European Union.

Globalisation changes the markets

Harmonization, liberalization and globalization of all markets is causing considerable changes for everyone involved in business – this is also valid for lawyers.

More internationalization and more complex law suits require an increasingly holistic approach. This, of course, crosses national boundaries and cannot be provided by individual, local law offices. However, the international and interdisciplinary law firm association, Projustitia, is filling this gap.

Our primary vision is the world-wide amalgamation of juridical know-how.

Together and still self-contained

Above all, ProJustitia is a supranational law firm network with its associated auditing and tax accountancy companies, as well as renowned management consultancies. All of these are coordinated by the ProJustitia central office. All law offices and companies associated in the network remain completely self-contained. They profit from the bundled knowledge and the possibility to concentrate on their own core competencies. This gain of time, in the end, also adds to the customer satisfaction.

Multidimensional Cooperation

Law offices in different countries, which are members of the ProJustitia Association, exchange information with one another about laws, culture, business practices and language of their respective countries. We aim to further expand this international network of law offices, and the coordination of services and professional cooperation between them.

Where applicable, experts from auditing, tax consulting, business administration, et cetera will also be involved.

1998 Registration of ProJustitia as an internationally protected brand

2002 ProJustitia offers services for lawyers and law fims

2003 Expansion of business into Europe

2005 Set-up of client services

The ProJustitia partners are obliged to extraordinary engagement.

It is their motivation to secure success of both human beings and companies.

German Federal Association of Consultants BDC regd. society

The ProJustitia head office chairs German Federal Association of Consultants BDC.  Results of studies carried out in cooperation with BDC are used directly for further development of ProJustitia association. Contact us for more information.

Importance of international cooperation

Many independent consultants point out the significance of international cooperation for company’s competitiveness. See statements below.

Dr. Nikolaus Matzker

Prof. Dr. Willy Hofmann

Prof. Dr. Michael Eßig