One-off and ongoing services

ProJustitia offers its members a broad spectrum of services. The service package divides one-off services, the so-called qualifying services, and ongoing services.

One-off Services

The aim of the Qualifying Services is creation of a functioning network for all members. Thereby it is allowed for a consistent high level of quality and efficiency of support service, counseling and acquiring of new clients of ProJustitia-Societies.

Higher individual efficiency for the sake of common success

Initial point of ProJustitia management counseling is an analysis of actual state of affairs of your office organisation. We highlight your  improvement potential and possibilities of adjustment to network management. If required, we develop an individual adjustment plan and help you with its implementing.

In order to establish a secure and smooth communication and cooperation of network members, the member offices are connected to the ProJustitia Central office server by special Groupware NIS. Thereby, all member societies can communicate with each other via ProJustitia intranet. NIS provides for a uniform document structure and a discrete data exchange. For this purpose, specific standard documents, such as forms, checklists and muster-contracts are deposited.

Facultatively, members can obtain ProJustitia-System software for lawyers from the central office.

An adequate offer of Software training is available in our seminars.

Entry in the expert-database

As a ProJustitia member, you will be registered as an expert in chosen fields and listed in our ProJustitia database. The database can only be viewed directly by other members via Intranet. This information is also available to the clients on our homepage in the lawyer-search section.

Your entry in the central ProJustitia Expert-pool shows your readiness to undertake cases in your specialised field and to bring in your know-how in network projects.

Following the data security regulations, you can access an extensive juridical data-pool on the ProJustitia central server, as well as diverse extern juridical online databases, partially at special conditions.

Client-oriented presentation

Apart from the functional network adjustment, member offices’ public performance is adjusted to the ProJustitia network. Initially, the adaptation of your office’s appearance to the ProJustitia CI- and CD-guidelines is voluntary. After one year of membership it becomes obligatory.

The aim of composition of your presentation is a simple and clear demonstration of your membership of the ProJustitia association. At the same time, we aim to retain significant and individual attributes of your previous public presentation and PR in order to ensure that you office can be recognized and its individuality kept.

As a special service, we develop a website for your office, programmed on the Content Management System basis. This offers you an opportunity to have the content changed or updated swiftly. One ProJustitia email address is included in the Web-Service. On the internet, the network philosophy is represented by linkage of the ProJustitia homepage with members’ websites.

A further service component is our favorably priced offer of printed material. We design and produce office signboards, brochures for clients, note paper, business cards, logos etc.. Additionally, we offer advertising material such as ProJustitia cups, folders etc. at favorable prices. Special individual orders can only be taken from a certain amount of ordered materials.

Ongoing services

The aim of the Qualifying Services is to maintain and raise the consulting quality of all offices.
Following the Total Quality Management Systems example, a long-term high quality standard of European ProJustitia society will be achieved.

The brand as a strategy

With the choice of internationally used, catchy, registered name ProJustitia, derived from Latin, the basis of a global brand strategy of the association has been created. The aim of ProJustitia’s brand policy is the dominant position on the market and a positive image among the clients. Strategic brand core is the client-oriented and competent legal advice at a constant high level, which the ProJustitia marketing mix is concentrated on. In the course of brand integration, the marketing instrument service, price, distribution and communication will be shaped accordingly. The long-term stable brand development forms a brand personality which creates client’s trust and reduces their insecurity and risk sensitivity. Through its professional brand development, ProJustitia fulfills the requirements for a high profile, credibility and successful brand policy. The network members’ ability to solve problems is decisive for lasting credibility and success among the clients.

The network members’ ability to solve problems is decisive for lasting credibility and success among the clients.

Association marketing

As a ProJustitia association member, you benefit from our professional marketing, offered for the whole ProJustitia network. Based on results of market researches, the ProJustitia central office derives the marketing strategy for the whole network. In line with this strategy, we develop specific marketing measures which are partially centrally controlled and implemented, while we also adjust, plan and implement them office-specifically. Naturally, we are glad to support your self-directed marketing actions as well.

ProJustitia central office offers a client brochure and client newsletter for addressing appropriate target groups. Our client brochure infroms your clients about the ProJustitia association in general. The newsletter for clients is our ongoing information source for ProJustitia clients, which you may demand at a later date from our archive. If you plan shipping of the ProJustitia information material, we gladly produce catchy mailings and finish the mailing process off.

Individualization of the material can only be carried out from a certain order size.

PR and Press Relations

As a ProJustitia network member, you take part in the centrally initiated PR and press relations of the association, which we document and make accessible for you on our homepage. In this field, too, we support and advise you with our know-how on inquiries, placing of articles, printed advertisements and many more.

Organisation, Personell, Purchasing and Computing

Ongoing advice and support service is offered by ProJustitia also in the following fields: organisation, personell, purchasing and computing.

Knowledge Management: Use of competence synergy: 1+1=3

Seminars and Expert-meetings

The aim of ProJustitia knowledge management is the buildup and exchange of knowledge between the network members. Our manifold seminar offer serves the purpose of knowledge buildup in the fields Law, Business, Information technology and Languages. The seminars are not only open for our members, but also for the clients and other interested parties that, however, have to pay higher fees. The regular ProJustitia expert meetings require juridical knowledge- and experience exchange among the members.

Dates and topics of ProJustitia seminars and expert meetings are listed on our homepage as well as on the Intranet.



In addition to the professional offer, ProJustitia management also promotes relationships within the network. „Membership-Meeting“ and „Lawyers Cooperation Meeting“, both taking place every two years, serve the purpose of relationship buildup and maintenance.

In autumn, all association members – as well as the cooperation partners from other fields like auditing, tax advisors and others – are invited to join the „Membership-Meeting“ in the ProJustitia central office. The meeting makes up the balance of the network’s performance, offers a chance for discussion and most of all serves as an opportunity to make personal acquaintances during the attractive social program.

The „Lawyers Cooperation Meeting“ serves exclusively the member offices. This meeting takes place in spring on various places in inland and abroad, held by a network member. All member office can apply as a host. It is a way to make one’s mark and win reputation. Especially the new members have the opportunity to introduce their town and their country, office and expertise profile.

Our support for you

The ongoing services of the ProJustitia central office provide for maintenance and improvement of counseling quality. ProJustitia management has an ongoing offer of counseling, support and realisation in the following fields:

  • Marketing and communication
  • Knowlegde management
  • Placement service
  • Intranet service

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Client procurement

Acquisition of clients is an essential ProJustita service. As a member office, you get clients according to your specific field. At the same time, you may forward us cases which you do not wish to take over. We then provide for appropriate placement in the network.

ProJustitia also offers ongoing intermediation of personnel. We place law professionals, merchants and office staff. For projects, possible lack of co-workers, cases of illness or holidays, we temporarily offer you qualified staff.

Our intranet

ProJustitia intranet is ongoing information medium for our members. It offers current topics, dates and offers. Each member receives a password to login. Following info-fields are created for you and updated by us:

  • Register of members

Profiles of ProJustitia-offices and -experts

  • ProJustitia Academy

Current seminar offers

  • Meeting and project calendar

–    Dates of expert’s meetings

–    Membership Meeting

–    Lawyers Cooperation Meeting

  • Information file

Current and existing office newsletter

  • Picture gallery

Photos from our events

  • Order service

Orders of ProJustitia printed matter,

advertising material and give-away

articles for clients