ProJustitia offers several advantages

We submit our law firm’s clients’ adequate and creative proposals for solutions of their case. These proposals are then implemented in a professional, supranational, multidisciplinary and success-oriented way.

Your Advantages at a glance:

Optimum intensity of counseling

by lawyers belonging to the association, who are freed of administrative and managerial tasks due to the voluminous ProJustitia Service-Pack and who therefore have more time for their clients.

Permanent top quality consulting

in all law fields due to regular exchange of knowledge and experience between network members.

Up-to-date Counseling

due to continuous further education and regular newsletter for members.

Wide-ranging scope of counseling

due to the possibility of building case-specific teams of law experts.

Higher counseling security

due to strong teams.

Optimal relation of price and service

due to size degression and synergy effects. As a result, expenses are lowered – which also reflects on the low charges – and passed on to our clients.

Optimal solution quality of problems as well as complex nature

due to partial involvement of auditors, tax advisors and reputable management consultants.

High aviability and readiness

due to various contact possibilities: trained ProJustitia-Service team accessible all over Europe at the catchy number +49 700 PROJUSTITIA as well as non-stop availability of the ProJustitia central office per email.

Reduktion of yuor effort and transaction cost

due to receiving results from one source.

Spare time and costs

due to nearness of you ProJustitia Law office, while you use the regionally (worldwide, European, internationally) spread knowledge of ProJustitia members.

Simple and comprehensible billing

due to one collective invoice; even if several lawyers and specialists from various countries have worked on your case.