ProJustitia is a contact point for various journalists

Various distinguished articles worldwide report about law firm networks: a result of the continuous, strategic public relations. Thus, hundreds of millions of people could be reached directly. Many journalists received an elaborate press kit containing information on this new, juridical service. This kind of public relation is regularly accompanied by press conferences. The press conferences have been tracked by many media and news agents that made the law firm networks known worldwide.

ProJustitia is also a target for many magazine, TV and radio journalists. ProJustitia gives exclusive interviews, offers support with technical contributions and as an association, represents contact persons for this new field.

The range of the publication spans from economy magazines over business newspaper, regional and national newspaper, women’s magazines and tabloids, news magazines and professional journals.

Several publishers reported about law firm networks and also institutions and associations have taken a positive standpoint to this new service.
This new topic has also been discovered by the broadcast and TV. ProJustitia is in contact with a number of freelance journalists. In the future, an extensive reporting on ProJustitia is expected.

Should you have further questions, ProJustitia is at your disposal.

Press office

The ProJustitia press office provides journalists from print media, TV and radio with the newest information on international cooperation and office-networks. ProJustitia offers exclusive interviews, supports creation of articles and expert texts and functions as a representative contact for this new branch. Contact us for further details.

Press contact

ProJustitia Ltd
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Mr. Dieter Herrmann

Press Releases

Professional legal advice – national-wide and internationally

ProJustitia is a European lawyer-network, defining itself as a competent partner in legal counseling and as a company-, institution-, association-, and private person representative in business law and other law fields. ProJustitia is composed of bigger societies of various European countries.

The contemporary fierce competition, rising costs and small economic growth make it increasingly difficult for companies to affirm or improve their position on the market.

At the same time, however, the European Single Market is realized and companies plan in a global perspective, since international relations and international business partners are becoming increasingly important. New opportunities of international business activities and cross-boarded investments arise, especially due to the growing business and legal relations between Western and Easter Europe. In order to use these chances, it is not only important to master the different legal and tax systems, but also to break down language and culture barriers.

The growing international complexity and the fact that the legal norms of various fields are becoming more and more complex and detailed a stronger specialization and knowledge of foreign legal systems is essential for a competent legal counseling which also encompasses non-legal services. Also, growing costs require centralization and coordination of profitable services. All this can no longer be done by one single office.

Therefore, the new market situation for lawyers is characterized through two central challenges:

– the growing globalization

– the fusion movement of large offices and the so-called LawFirms.

Due to a close cooperation of chosen law offices in national and international problems, ProJustitia provides for a competent top counseling which offers the client an appropriate, creative and passable solution proposals. While accomplishing given tasks and pursuing given goals, the ProJustitia law offices support their clients in a professional, future-oriented and multidisciplinary way, particularly with regard to the client’s international activities.

Therefore, ProJustitia fills a gap of growing demand of large and average-sized companies for a comprehensive legal and business counseling in cross-border problems. In the business fields, there is a demand for complex solution concepts which do not merely cover individual juridical fields, but which go beyond the legal advice and cover also managerial, tax-based and other couseling fields.

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ProJustitia – Idea, target, service, fees and advantage at a glance!

ProJustitia – you right is the principle of our law counseling!

ProJustitia is a discipline-comprehensive association of selected law firms. Developments such as globalization, liberalization, growing competition, concentration processes and growing complexity of juridical problem formulation were the catalyst for the buildup of the association and function as the engine of our actions. The purpose of ProJustitia international knowledge and experience grouping is optimization of counseling and services for our clients. The association offers its clients a case-specific holistic solution from one source. In order to implement this, auditing and tax-accountancy companies as well as renowned consultancy companies are a part of our network.

The outstanding characteristics of the ProJustitia lawyers are their exemplary exams, high commitment, juridical creativity, complex thinking and high level of specialization, long professional experience and a range of reference customers.

ProJustitia approaches with its services especially companies, corporate bodies of civil loan, foundations, unions and private persons inland and abroad. The ProJustitia network covers almost all law and business fields. Legal advice, conduct of case, legal opinion, mediation, law suit funding and qualified further training are the essential pillars of our business activities.

It is our aim to keep your costs as low as possible when it comes to billing. By being the client of the association, you benefit from the cost advantages due to economies of scale and synergy effect.

Traceability and transparence are further criteria for billing. Even if your case has been handled by several experts, you will, by request, get only one total account.

We submit relevant and creative solution suggestions to our clients. These proposed solutions are implemented to their advantage in a professional, supranational, multidisciplinary and success-oriented way.

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Network profile

The internationally aligned law network ProJustitia counsels and represents companies, institutions and private persons in questions of business law and numerous other law fields. ProJustitia consist predominantly of societies with three to ten members, spread all over Europe.

ProJustitia follows client-oriented, holistic counseling approach. Average-sized units can form discipline- and region comprehensive project teams, integrating also tax advisors, accountants and executive consultants.

The aim of ProJustitia lawyers is to meet entrepreneurial decisions as soon as in the planning phase, while pointing out decision alternatives by considering judicial conditions.

Avoiding cognizable conflicts as well as fighting out the unavoidable ones in court is our motto.

The form of organization and method are construed for maximum flexibility, creativity and quality to the credit of our clients. The system-specific service- and coordination center – the ProJustitia Central office – provides for concentration on juridical core competence.

ProJustitia stands for a new, modern concept of legal profession: looking over frame- and nation boarders, being committed to entrepreneurial thinking, using new media and ways of communication.

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