Our portfolio

The internationally aligned network of lawyers, law offices, tax auditors, and other experts in commerce and industry, within the ProJustitia Association (administered by the ProJustitia central Office) provides advice and representation of clients in all European countries in all areas of national and international law. ProJustitia focuses upon, and assists companies and firms of all kinds and sizes from industry, commerce, banking, insurance, service providers, hospitals, universities and schools, public services, private persons, foundations, and organizations.

The services offered by the ProJustitia association are comprehensive.

First consultation

Our ProJustitia Central Office provides different opportunities for legal advice. An initial legal advise can be obtained by telephone, email, fax or letter to get a general overview of the legal position. The effect of this initial advice generally makes you aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the matter. With this information, you will then be able to decide whether or not further consultation with, or direct involvement by, another ProJustitia Association member in another country is warranted. In urgent cases, we will provide the necessary information within 24 hours.

Conduct of Case

Representing our clients

An out of court, amicable solution of legal disputes is, in most cases, the most efficient and economic way to solve clashes of interest. However, not all conflicts can be dissolved with mutual consent. In these cases, a conduct of case – law suit – is inescapable.

ProJustitia law offices represent their clients at court to assert the clients´ interest best. Very complex law suits could also require a team of experts provided by us. The ProJustitia lawyers give advice after they thoroughly examined the legal position by evaluating chances and risks of the law suit, elucidation of cost factors, preparation best possible of conduct of case, definition of the law suit aim and drafting of the law suit strategy.

Law suit success

In case of successful law suits, the judge’s conviction has a positive result concerning your aims. Actually, many cases end up with a composition though. During consultations, your lawyer from ProJustitia will try to define a good goal to aim at, propose a tactic and – presuming your accordance – lead the upcoming discussions with your opponent.

Exoneration of clients

When representing the clients´ interests, the ProJustitia law offices exonerate you as much as desired and possible from the direct conduct of the judicial contention. ProJustitia law offices represent their customers in all areas of commercial law as well as all other areas. The legal venue is of no interest to us as ProJustitia thinks global and acts local.

Legal opinion

You can address all juridicial problems to our affiliated members. If required, they set up a written legal opin-ion with respect to the guideline: who – against whom/what – what from. Your ProJustitia lawyer begins wiht detecting the facts of the case, names the parties and couches the facts in question. With this, he detects the targets of the principal, he is then going to evaluated in a juridicial way. Sometimes, the point of law has to be develop and interpreted by the lawyer. After formulating the assumption, he needs to search for the legal basis in your case. Finally, the lawyer needs to evaluate potential methods of resolution for the relevant point of law.


Mediation is a way of conflict resolution. Focus is on the mediation of cases by an impartial third party, the mediator. The mediator is not going to pass a sentence, however, he aims at bringing the two parties back to one table and into discussion. Generally, the mediator creates a new communication structure that enables both litigants to work on their own individual, sustainable and amicable solution.

The mediation process comprises these Stepps: An introduction in which organizational questions will be clarified, standpoints of the ligitants, elucidation of the conflict, creation of possible solutions, agreement about the best solution for both parties, implementation, feedback phase – in which the parties can express contingent and subsequent improvements, and perhaps a phase of amendment. Your ProJustitia lawyer is a skillful negotiator.

We bear your costs

Dealing with lawsuit fundings the ProJustitia head office collaborates with the Allianz Lawsuit Funding based in Munich. The Allianz Lawsuit Funding GmbH is a 100% subsidiary company of the Allianz Versicherungs AG (Allianz International Insurance trust). When we agree to a lawsuit funding for our members´ clients, the Allianz Lawsuit Funding bears all lawsuit costs. Quid pro quo: Allianz participate in the avails won. As usual, the lawsuit support will be undertaken by the network lawyer you trust in. The juridical competence of your ProJustitia lawyer in combination with the financial strength of the Allianz trust helps you succeed in your lawsuit.

First steps

Firstly, you should confer with your lawyer whether or not the Allianz Lawsuit Funding should be appointed the lawsuit funder. You have to take into consideration your chances to win the case at court as well as the financial strength of your opponent – that is, if you are able to evaluate the given situation and have the relevant information.

If you decide, together with your ProJustitia chamber, to appoint the Allianz Lawsuit Funding for the lawsuit funding, your lawyer is going to confer with the Allianz Lawsuit Funding by phone whether your case is generally an appropriate one for funding. If the result of this conversation is positive, your lawyer files a draft action with Allianz.

This will be checked in advance by the Allianz Lawsuit Funding. Should a positive result be achieved, a lawsuit funding contract will be sent by the Allianz to your lawyer. A contract signed by him will be closely reviewed and double checked by Allianz terminatory. Hereafter you will receive a final and binding funding covenant, affirmed by countersignature of the contract.

By signing the lawsuit funding contract, you as a client pledge to inform the Allianz Lawsuit Funding GmbH promptly of your lawsuit progress or authorize your lawyer to do so. In return, Allianz will cover all court and lawyer fees resulting from the lawsuit, including all advance payments, as specified in the contract. In case of a successful lawsuit, Allianz Lawsuit Funding will claim a share on lawsuit revenues, as specified in the contract. In the unexpected case of not winning the lawsuit, the Allianz Lawsuit Funding will also pay the opponents` expenses. Therefore, you can assert your eligible pretensions without financial solicitudes.

Directions and conditions

For a lawsuit funding, the following premises have to be in place: Your claim has to exceed 100.000 Euro, a commercial participation of the Allianz Lawsuit Funding must be possible, and the odds must be imperatively in your favor. You should capitalize on the lawsuit funding option if you are not financially strong enough, or, as a company, if you do not want to put your liquidity at risk. Also, you might want to consider our lawsuit funding if you are without legal protection insurance, or if your insurance does not cover your lawsuit. In this case, Allianz Lawsuit Funding GmbH takes on all costs, such as advance money for the lawyer and court, costs for witnesses and assessors, repayment claims of the counterparty and realization costs. The commission of the Allianz Lawsuit Funding GmbH acts in pursuance with various criteria and is settled accordingly to case. Usually it averages between 20 and 30 %.

Due to the cooperation agreement between Allianz Lawsuit Funding and ProJustitia our clients receive a preferential support service as well as additional special conditions. We will be glad to inform you.

Use the opportunity of a claim holder to enforce your claim by bringing your case to the court, arbitration court or mediation committee – without using your own funds – and implementing your pretension without risk in the best and fastest possible manner.

ProJustitia and Allianz Lawsuit Funding (Tel.: 089 / 3800 18 370) support you not only in Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland England and in other European countries. Further information is available at ProJustitia or at Allianz Lawsuit Funding. Please ask us about it.

Further education also for clients

ProJustitia aims for contributing to training and further education of attorneys, notaries and their successors in all fields of law, as well as to their professional consulting and to further education of their employees.

Many seminars stand open not only to the association members, but also to clients and other interested parties. The aim of ProJustitia seminars for extern parties is exchange of knowledge between the association and its clients as well as their employees. Our manifold offer of seminars serves the purpose of knowledge build-up in the fields: law, economics, IT and languages.

Please see our event timetable for details.

ProJustitia Law offices are active in the following areas of justice


Administrative law and constitutional law Administrative procedures, police law, environmental law, waste disposal law, power industry law, licensing and authorization procedure in business administration law, government liability, constitutional law, unification treaty
Commercial Defence and Recovery Competition Protection Act, Trust law, law for patent, registered design, ornamental design, and trademark,  licence agreements
Company Law Establishing, Organization, Management, change of corporate form and financing of company of all legal forms of companies and corporate groups, acquisition of companies (Mergers & Acquisitions, Management-Buy-Out), hidden investments in businesses, share holder law, foundations
Economic law Commercial law, commercial representative law, distributor law, franchising, factoring, leasing, transport and conveyance law, contract law, international civil law, general terms and conditions, arbitrage, product liability, insolvency law, encashment
EDV und Media law Data  protecition, Hardware and software contracts, Internet law, cinematic law and right of publishing, copyright law, Telecommunication law, law for the press
European Union law Law for the free trade of goods, services and for the right to freely settle, subvention law, government aid, Trust and Foreign trade and payments law (Anti-dumping, Free trade agreement), EG administration law, EG legal harmonization, EG company law
Inheritance and family law Business succession, arrangement of law of succession, testaments, living will and trust, administration of estates, execution of will, prenuptial and partner contracts, custody law, visitation rights, alimony law, divorces, proprietary disputes
Immovable property law Competition Protection Act, Trust law, law for patent, registered design, ornamental design, and trademark, licence agreements
Labour legislation Establishing, Organization, Management, change of corporate form and financing of company of all legal forms of companies and corporate groups, acquisition of companies (Mergers & Acquisitions, Management-Buy-Out), hidden investments in businesses, share holder law, foundations
Law for banks and the stock excange Stock exchange introduction, banking and stock exchange control, bond law, credit securities, financial and monetary transactions, Fondsgestaltung, law for the capital market
Tax law Company tax law, individual tax law, sales tax law, customs duty, excise law, inheritance and gift tax law, law regarding fiscal offences
Other areas of law Road traffic law, damage claims law, insurance policy law, travel contract law, social law, pension law, medi-cal law, casualty insurance law, medical law, hospital law, criminal law, administrative offense law