Coming up across internationalization by bundling of powers

Prof. Dr. Willy Hofmann

– Lecturer and freelance consultant in Berlin –

The liberalization and globalization of markets changes the economic parameters of all business participants. The future success of an individual is going to depend on the adequacy of his response to the manifold new challenges. Complex problems require to an increasing degree a cross-border solution. In order to be in a position to deal with such tasks, nationally-oriented business units will have to open up towards international cooperation.

Law firms are not excluded from this development. On the contrary – their clients also become increasingly complex and demand supranational and cross-border solutions.

A higher lever of organization which is already common in other fields will gain considerable importance to law firms as well, in order to meet concerns of country-specific distinctions in business, language and culture.

ProJustitia, an international lawyer association, puts into practice the idea of a multidisciplinary grouping of law firms. The international expertise network consists of law experts from all over the world, particularly from Europe, and offers an expedient and extensive service program.

The highest aim is synergy of law firms of various nationalities and specialization. In doing so, the umbrella organization organizes and coordinates the multidisciplinary cooperation, while member-competence increases due to knowledge-upgrade and transfer. Further education is another component of know-how formation.

An equally important component of business activities is an extensive marketing and PR concept which contributes to creation and spread of reputation. Members also get association’s assistance for computing, procurement and human resources.

Cooperation with accountants, tax advisors and executive consultants will be arranged in accordance with individual needs. All members will profit from the spectrum of a large international network.

The membership in an international association presents on one hand an adequate answer to the current trends, on the other hand opens new perspectives to the individual members. The law firms participate in an international network, whereby they acquire new opportunities for acquiring and keeping their clients as well as increase their own know-how and obtain a modern and progressive image.

Legal advice should not collapse at boundaries of countries, capacities or minds.