Law firm communities – Stronger in a bond

Dr. Nikolaus Matzker

Former manager of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Rhineland-Palatinate

The current economic events are characterized by a cumulative process of concentration. Companies merge in order to raise their competitive capacity or to improve and back up their position on the market. This development does not leave out law offices.

On the contrary, larger offices are confronted with a new challenge today when acquiring and securing their clients. Many offices already dispose of wide know-how, but they lack the necessary highly specialized experts for extensive projects, the essential international reputation and the appropriate marketing strategy for client acquisition.

Coming to terms with increasingly complex clients‘ requirements is becoming more and more difficult, if not impossible, for a single office. In order to cope with these new demands successfully, many law offices strive to achieve a higher level of organization. Joining an efficient association which displays a strong umbrella group will be immensely important in the future in order to secure and improve the offices‘ competitive capacity.

An international lawyer-bond as an efficient aggregation is an adequate answer to the current development trends such as harmonization, liberalizations & globalization of markets.

The international association offers its members an elaborate and extensive service spectrum:

  • Raise of client acquisition potential
  • Buildup of competence due to knowledge exchange and further education
  • Image building measures such as a professional marketing concept including the complete marketing and PR composition
  • Central coordination and professional organization of cooperation over national and professional boarders
  • Consumption of economies of scales
  • Assistance in computing, personnel and purchasing

The association also offers expertise of accountants, tax advisors as well as chosen management consultants in order to help you cope with the increasingly complex clients. The exhaustive ProJustitia service offers members an opportunity to concentrate on their core competence and to professionalize it. This is the best option for members: to take advantage of merits of autonomy and at the same time profit from the strength and size of a large organization.

Members of a supranational office-association are perfectly prepared not only to tackle current challenges, but also to set themselves up for future trends and developments.